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Agency Communication Process

Star2Star Communications endeavors to ensure that we are adequately supporting our partners with a level of excellence that allows them to grow their business with us and ultimately realize new revenue potential. Our solutions are designed to provide services to Small, Medium and Enterprise business with a great deal of accuracy and high customer retention rates. This allows us to provide an experience for our agents that ensure a long-term relationship with their customer and long-term revenue realization.

This document (Click here to download) has been drafted for the Agency to help them to understand the process of communication with Star2Star Communications for Pre-Sales Support and Engineering.

Contact email:  Agentsupport@star2star.com

Contact phone:  941-234-0001, option 3 then option 7 or 941-244-5194


The image above represents the escalation process for communication with the Agent Channel Sales Support Group. This escalation list operates on a 4-hour response SLA*. If this SLA is not achieved you should move up to the next level. For example, if you call into the Agent Contact Queue and are not able to reach anyone and leave a voice mail message you can expect to receive a call back within the 4-hour response SLA. Should you fail to receive this call you would escalate to the next level calling Melissa Babiak (for example) directly and so on.

Additionally, we are excited to provide to the Agent Community the opportunity to attend our weekly webinars providing information to your agents and customers as a way to engage with Star2Star Communications. These webinars can be registered for via the following link: http://www.star2star.com/starmeetings.html

Be sure to register for the meeting that coincides with the appropriate genre be it Customer or Agent.

* Service Level Agreement (SLA) specifically details that point of response from Star2Star Communications to the agent. You will receive a response from Star2Star Communications Agent Channel Sales Support Group within this time frame.


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