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StarCenter CallerID - GEORouting

StarCenter provides a CallerID Routing feature. This feature provides a high degree of flexibility in that administrators can create entries that will deliver a system match to a partial or full 10-digit number, routing those calls to a specific Destination as defined (different call treatment for specific callers). This feature is commonly referred to as Geographic routing (also called georouting, position-based routing, or area based routing).
The system can be configured to use a mix of NPA (Area Code), NPA / NXX (Area Code / Exchange) or the full 10-digit number. For example 941, 941234, 9412340001. (Important Note) The system searches in the following order:


1.    10-digits - Full CallerID
2.    6-digits   - Area Code / Exchange Codes (NPA/NXX)
3.    3-digits   - Area Code (NPA)


Therefore a call from 9412340001 could route to a specific Destination however a call from any other 941234 NPA / NXX range could route to a completely different destination. All other calls from the 941 Area Code could route differently. 

 Routing in the above scenario could look like this:-

  1. Call from 9412340001 - Route to Queue A (specific CallerID)
  2. Call from 941234         - Route to Queue B (941234 NPA / NXX range)
  3. Call from 941               - Route to Queue C (941 Area Code (NPA))
  4. All other calls               - Route to Queue D (Routes all other callers not covered by 1, 2, 3 above)

The following information provided is for using the service for inbound calls to be routed to the appropriate location's Auto Attendant(s).

  •     No StarCenter Agents are required.  
  •     There are no Reporting or Recording Requirements.  
  •     Monitoring tools are unavailable.


To set it up so the customer's Main Number and/or Toll Free would Geo-Route to the appropriate location(s):

Log into the Portal https://portal.star2star.com

From the Configuration Menu >>  VIEW/EDIT >> Enter [__Customer Location__]

From Advanced Settings >>  Destinations >> Queues

1. Set up a Main Queue with Geo Routing.


2. No Agents are added:


3. Make no changes to the Options, and add the appropriate NPA to the Caller ID Routing tab:



4. Point to the appropriate queues with Failover to the correct TN, and set the queue timer to 10 seconds:



5. Make test calls to verify successfully routing.

For more details including setup review the StarCenter Configuration Guide (page 22).

StarCenter GEORouting PowerPoint Presentation click here



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