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Incoming Call Routing Advanced Scheduler 2.0 - Creating Holiday or Event Schedules

Advanced Scheduler 2.0 (includes Holiday / Event Schedules)

The Optional Incoming Call Routing / Scheduler feature, if implemented via the Additional Location Information section of the Star2Star Web Portal, provides complete flexibility for Customers wishing to create complex routing rules for a 7 day week and the ability to add recurring holiday schedules. Holiday or Event schedules can be setup as a Fixed, Moveable or Single date event. They are clearly identified with a name and show an iconScreen_Shot_2014-10-27_at_5.05.51_PM.pngagainst a schedule when implemented.

Holiday Schedules can be created in the following manner:

Single Date e.g. a non recurring event, Fixed Date e.g. Christmas Day December 25th, Moveable Date e.g. Labor Day.


 *** Video Tutorial  ***

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