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Polycom Call Waiting Options Update

Polycom Call Waiting Options Update

This is a new feature available to all Polycom users running firmware 3.2.2 and up:

Previously via the individual phone options page in the portal, users could select to disable call waiting. In reality, they were simply silencing the beep, so users still had visual indication that a second call was coming in.

This update provides three options for firmware 3.2.2; Beep, Ring, and Visual.

"Beep" provides the user with the familiar tone via the handset, headset or speaker

"Ring" causes the ringer to sound as is does for the first incoming call.

Note: The user can set different ring tones per line appearance(s) under Menu -> Basic -> Ring type.

Note: The user can set different audible ringer destinations under Menu -> Basic -> Preferences -> Audible Ringer - Options are Speaker, Handset, Headset and active.

"Visual" disables audio prompts, but the LCD still shows the second call coming in the same way as "Beep" and "Ring". User will see an incoming call on the phone display only.

Finally, phones running 4.0.4 and above can select "Off". This will completely disable call waiting. There is no indication a second call is coming in.

Note: The "Off" option only applies to phones with firmware 4.0.4 and above. Phones that remain on 3.2.2 will not have this option. This includes the Polycom 430, 501, 601, 4000, 320, 321.

Customers who currently have call waiting "Disabled" will be automatically set to "Visual".

See screen shot showing Portal entry of this feature below:




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