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Multicast Paging for the Polycom VVX Phone Range

Multicast Functionality

Multicast paging for local extensions using the Polycom VVX phone range, via a convenient soft key, is not constrained by a limited number of members as is the case with standard "Paging Groups" available on the StarBox 2200, StarBox 2250, StarBox 5500.

Multicast paging on the Polycom VVX phone range can be used with any StarBox including the StarLite. The functionality is provided at the "switch" level (no StarBox / StarLite impact) over "Channels" and has been tested successfully with all Star2Star supplied switches.

(Note) to use the Multicast paging functionality when active on a call i.e. answered an incoming call, "Park" the call then use the "Page" option


  • Each Multicast Paging Group will be automatically assigned to a Channel.
  • There are a total of 25 channels but only 22 can be customized (2 to 23).
  • Channel 1 is reserved for Page All.
  • An extension can be unsubscribe from the “Page All.”
  • Channel 24 is reserved for Priority.
  • Channel 25 is reserved for Emergency.

Differences between Priority and Emergency:

  • Priority will barge into an active call, over intercom, at the intercom adjusted volume level.
  • Emergency will barge into an active call, over intercom, at maximum volume.      

Configuring Multicast Paging on the Polycom VVX Phone Range

  • First, navigate to the Star2Star portal. Choose "Configuration" from the main menu, then the location for which you want to configure Multicast Paging.
  • Click the Additional Location Information link in the PHONE SYSTEM CONFIGURATION MENU / Basic Settings.


  • Click the "Multicast Paging" dropdown and select "Yes".
  • Click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the screen.


  • Navigate to "Destinations" in the PHONE SYSTEM CONFIGURATION MENU / Advanced Settings.
  • Click "Add New Paging Group".
  • Add a name for the Paging Group.
  • New groups will default to Multicast groups.
  • An existing paging group can be switched to a multicast group.
  • Click the "Multicast Paging Group?" drop down and set to "Yes".
  • The next available channel is set (note channels 1, 24 and 25 are reserved).
  • All Polycom VVX Phones will appear in the "Extensions" list.
  • Add "Members" as required by selecting <-- or --> to remove.
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(Note) Remember to "Save Changes to System" when you have completed adding your Multicast Paging Groups. The phones must be rebooted for the multicast paging groups to show up and are accessible via a "Page" soft key on each VVX phone.

Additional Notes:

  • When an Administrator converts a pre-existing Paging Group to a Multicast Paging Group, non-VVX phones will be hidden.
  • When a user is on a normal phone call and another user initiates a Priority or Emergency multicast page. The page will be heard over the intercom while the user is still engaged on their regular phone call. They will be able to hear audio from their phone call and the multicast page.
  • The user will only be able to see paging groups that they are a member of e.g. extension 100 and 101 are in a paging group. Extension 102 will not be able to see that paging group on their phone. Only extension 100 and 101 will be able to see that paging group.
  • A VVX can be removed from the Page All paging group.
    • Login to the Portal.
    • Go to Configuration.
    • Select a Location.
    • Go to Individual Phone Settings.
    • Go to Phone Options
    • Set Unsubscribe From Page All multicast paging group to No.

If a user initiates a multicast page and accepts another incoming call, the multicast page will drop immediately.

Disabling Multicast Paging Group:

  • Go to the Portal.
  • Go to Additional Location Information.
  • Set Multicast Paging to “No”.
  • Please note that if there are any Multicast Paging Groups defined Multicast Paging cannot be turned off until all Multicast paging groups have been removed.



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