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Can we identify our conference room with a recorded name to prompt users?

Create a recording to personalize a Conference Room e.g. “Welcome to our Company Conference call. Shortly you will be prompted for your pin number. Enter that pin number and join the Conference”. Set the Conference Room as the Failover option for the Recording after the Recording plays. Configure Incoming Call Routing to point a DID to the recording for your Conference calls. In the example below a recording has been setup that will prompt anyone joining the conference. That Recording Fails over to another Recording which plays a short piece of music before Failover to the Conference Room. (Note) the Pause and Timeout values are set to 0 which is a valid option. This ensure there is no delay moving between these routing steps.


For full details please review the Star2Star Advanced System Configuration Guide (pages 47 - 48). Requires Administrative login to make changes.

See also Recording Calls


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