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What is "Key System Mode"?

The following phone models can be configured to use "Visual Shared Park Appearances" when your system has been configured to emulate a squared key system by setting “Key System Mode” to Yes. This feature is enabled via the Additional Location Information link:-

To enable "Key System Mode" access the Star2Star web portal  clickhere.png Click the CONFIGURATION section at the top of the page which will show a PHONE SYSTEM CONFIGURATION section see example below / left. Under Basic Settings click the Additional Location Information link. The example shown below / right displays a number of "System Wide" options including "Key System Mode". Set this option to "Yes". By default the system will define 4 Park Positions. This value can be changed however remember to ensure the phone models that you are using support more than 4 Shared Park Positions. Calls can be retrieved from park by any phone model (including those that do not support "Visual Shared Park Appearances") simply by dialing the park retrieval code i.e. 7001. The retrieval code 7001 equates to Visual Shared Park Appearance 1, 7002 equates to Visual Shared Park Appearance 2 and so on.

(Note) Remember to Save Changes and Save Changes to System. The Park feature can still be used with "Key System Mode" set to off by performing an Attended transfer to 7000. The system will play back the park position i.e. 7001 - 7099. Press transfer when the park position is played.

What is StarCenter 1.png key_system_2.png

For more information about this feature and more download the Star2Star Advanced System Configuration Guide Advanced System Config Guide Cover.png


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