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How do I change our Music on Hold?

To change your system Music on Hold (MOH) access the Star2Star web portal  clickhere.png PHONE SYSTEM CONFIGURATION section see example below / left. Under Advanced Settings click the On-Hold Options link see example below / right. The ON - HOLD OPTIONS screen will display. There are three MOH files shipped with every Star2Star system. To add further MOH items provide a Name then Browse for the file on your computer. Upload the required file when ready.

What is StarCenter 1.png ON_HOLD_OPTIONS.png

(Note) You can upload MOH files in any of the following popular formats:

  • 128bps MP3
  • 160bps AC3
  • 160bps MP2
  • 16bit Level5 FLAC
  • 16bit PCM WAV
  • 180bps WMA
  • Apple Signed 16bit PCM AIFF
  • OGG

(Note) Maximum file size is 32MB

(Note) MOH playlists do not apply to remote extensions


Music on Hold Choices

Customers often prefer multiple choices for MOH (Music on Hold) options other than the standard Star2Star offering of 3 songs. These standard songs are very “middle of the road” selections that do not contain large variances in volume or frequency range.

The G729 encoding that we use is more highly tuned for voice and therefore music, which utilizes a greatly expanded frequency range, will never sound exactly the same as the original source. However by making careful selections the tonal quality is optimized. Please also bear in mind that there can be Royalty License implications when uploading a music selection.

There are many sources of “Royalty Free” music that are specifically designed for on-hold environments. Once such source is available at link Customers can purchase a one time license for a number of Music on Hold / Background selections.

(Note) for full details on adding / changing Music on Hold files for your system click the icon Download_Icon.jpg to download a copy of the Star2Star Advanced System Configuration Guide.


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