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How do I create a ring group?

To setup / edit a Ring Group access the Star2Star web portal  clickhere.png PHONE SYSTEM CONFIGURATION section see example below / left. Click the Destinations link in Advanced Settings. Select the Ring Groups option as seen in the example below / right to either add a new Ring Group or edit an existing one. Remember to click Save Changes to System after completing your changes.

(Note) click the icon Download Icon.jpg to download a copy of the Star2Star Advanced System Configuration Guide. Ring Groups are explained in detail in this document along with examples.


What is StarCenter 1.png destinations.png

To add a new Ring Group click Add New Ring Group show in the example below / left. Remember to provide a meaningful name. Add members as appropriate from the Extensions: list as shown the example below / right. Click on the listed extension and then click the <-- to add to the Members: list. To remove a member click on that member then click -->.

destinations 2.png destination_3.png



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