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How do I record an Auto Attendant Greeting?

To record or upload an Auto Attendant greeting access the Star2Star web portal  clickhere.png PHONE SYSTEM CONFIGURATION section see example below / left. Under Advanced Settings click the Automated Attendants link see example below / right. The AUTOMATED ATTENDANTS configuration screen will appear. Click the dropdown to display Menus configured for your system or "Add New Automated Attendant". Select the menu you require. Click the life raft icon Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 1.50.51 PM.png to display help.

What is StarCenter 1.png att_1.png

Click the tool icon Screen_shot_2013-02-13_at_9.54.31_AM.pngjust below the Automated Attendants drop down list. See example below. This will display full details for the relevant menu including record this message now and Upload this message. These two options provide the ability to easily record on the fly or upload a previously recorded greeting for your menu. For full details on this feature and more download Download Icon.jpg the Star2Star Advanced System Configuration Guide and follow the section on Automated Attendants which has useful examples.




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