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Advanced System Configuration Guide

Download a copy of the Star2Star Advanced System Configuration Guide Advanced_System_Config_Guide_Cover.png (Click Cover)

This guide is designed to help you get the most out of your Star2Star experience. It provides a detailed explanation for creating successful “end-point results” which if established correctly will deliver the best possible call routing options to meet your business requirements. To achieve complex call routing and realize full feature benefits via our easy to use web portal, this guide provides detailed explanations, “StarTips” and examples on system setup and configuration. It also includes use of the “Automated Attendant”, “Destinations” options and more as listed below. Use Destinations as the building blocks to create the system that will meet your business requirements. The initial system setup will contain a number of default configurations for your use i.e. Ring Group “Ring All (Business Hours)”, Ring Group “Ring All (After Hours), Voicemail Access, Company Directory. Create your customized business requirements for call routing / call treatment to best suit your type of business e.g. Specific RingGroups, Queues, Recordings, Voicemail Groups etc. Always remember to create meaningful names for these groups especially Ring Groups and Queues as the name can be displayed to your extension users on a call.

Topics included in this guide:


Location Information


Analog Backup/Operator

Incoming Call Routing (See Incoming call routing to the wrong closed/open schedule)

Automated Attendants


Ring Groups




Paging Groups

Voicemail Groups

Conference Rooms

On-Hold Options

Configuration Summary

Print Company Directory

Individual Phone Summary

Speed Dials

Phone Options

User Info

Find Me/Follow Me

Extension Options


CallerID Blocking

User Guides

Multicast Paging


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