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How do I set up a voicemail greeting?

  • Access your mailbox by pressing the Messages/Msgs/MSG key or by dialing 1000 on your phone. (Note) review the relevant Quick User Guide or Video Tutorial for your phone for exact message button details.
  • Enter your password. When you do this for the very first time your password will match your extension number.
  • The system will then automatically walk you through a setup tutorial.
  • When prompted change your password to a 4 digit number that you can easily remember. (Note) do not reuse the extension number as the password.
  • The system will then prompt to record your name.
  • Once in the voicemail system select 0 Mailbox Options to set your Unavailable message or Temporary Greeting to be played if you are away.

For full details on setting up your mailbox click the icon Voicemail Cover SMALL.png to download a copy of the Star2Star Voicemail Guide.


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