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StarPhone for iOS Apple Push Notification systems (APNs)

StarPhone for iOS Apple Push Notification systems (APNs)

StarPhone for iOS makes use of the Apple Push Notification system (APNs) as a way to notify you of an inbound call while the app is not in the foreground. This allows our app to help your device make the best use of its’ battery life. 

If you are find you are not receiving notifications of any incoming calls on your iOS device, first check that you have push notifications enabled for the StarPhone app. Do this by going to the iPhone Settings app and selecting the “Notifications Center”.

settings_1.png     settings_2.png     

From there, look for and select the StarPhone notification details. Here, you will be prompted with some different configuration options. The first is the ‘alert style’, displaying how the alerts will be presented to you. Note: Ensure that this is not set to “none”. Additionally, you will want to enable the “Sounds”. This will allow the ring-tone to be played. The badge icon is currently not utilized, but we recommend that this remain enabled for the application.


If your device continues not to receive notifications on incoming calls to your iOS device, please contact Star2Star Communications Customer Support for further assistance.



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