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Completing a call transfer on a Polycom VVX phone when a new call arrives

Follow these steps to complete a Transfer of an existing call and answer another call:

  1. With a call active on your phone
  2. New call arrives either prior to or partway through a Transfer (incoming call pop appears on your phone)
  3. Press the keypad * or # button to remove the call pop screen (you may also press the down arrow on a VVX 300/310/400/410 phone)
  4. Press the Transfer soft key to either complete a partially completed Attended Transfer (i.e. you are talking to the extension) or initiate a Transfer
  5. Answer the new incoming call
                                         Call active on your phone                  New call arrives (incoming call pop appears on your phone)
            Press the keypad * or # button. Press Transfer soft key                                      

 Note: This entry is also in the Phone and Features Guide (pg. 29-30)





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