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StarView for StarCenter - Screen Builder - Custom Screens

StarView for StarCenter allows users to create fully customized screens to display Contact Center Real Time analytics:

The example below is displaying information for 5 queues. Selectable options/objects for Screen Builder are:

  1. Multi - Queue List
  2. Multi - Agent List
  3. Wall Board
  4. Wall Board & Stats
  5. *** Live Feed

Each option may be moved around the screen to meet a users requirements and then saved for future use. See also StarView for StarCenter - Screen Builder Video Tutorial


**Live Feed Option

The Live Feed option provides users with a rolling feed of StarCenter events. Use the scroll bar to the right of the Live Feed block to scroll through events displayed from user login to StarView. The following event information is display:-

Metrics displayed for all "Q" and "Call Info" events: Calls in Queue, Calls in Progress, Queue Name, Timestamp
- Q Stats (Gray) - Contains initial information about your selected queues.
- Q Empty (Green) - All calls in queue have been answered and queue is empty.
- Q Alert (Red) - Number of calls in queue has exceeded your high SLA setting
- Q Warning (Orange) - Number of calls in queue has exceeded your low SLA setting
- Q Info (Blue) - Another call is in queue but has not yet exceeded your SLAs
- Call Info (Blue) - Displayed when positive state-change has happened in the queue but doesn't fit another criteria
Metrics displayed for all "Time" events: Longest Wait Time, Queue Name, Time Stamp
- Time Danger (Red) - Longest wait time has exceeded your high SLA setting
- Time Warning (Orange) - Longest wait time has exceeded your low SLA setting
Metrics displayed for "Call Abd" events: Abandoned Call Count, Avg Time to Abd, Queue Name, Time Stamp
- Call Abd (Red) - Displayed every time a call is abandoned
Metrics displayed for Agent status changes below: Agent Name, Agent ID, Timestamp
- On Call - Displayed when an agent answers a call
- Available - Displayed when an agent either hangs up a call, or returns from an away state
- Away - Displayed when an agent enters and "away" state/reason code


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