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Setting up a StarCenter Agent using a Polycom VVX phone

Yes the entire Star2Star Polycom VVX range can be configured for use as a StarCenter Agent with single key login/out and "Away" state if required. The phones can also display Agent Name / Status (Available / Away) and any queues the agent is a member of using the phones micro browser. See Changing the StarCenter Agent display below.

To configure this functionality access the Star2Star Web Portal Extension settings

  • Under Agent Options Change the Agent Station drop down setting to Yes (see examples below)


  • Select an Agent from the available list using the Agent drop down
  • To enable the single key Login/out feature change the Include Agent PIN drop down to Yes
  • To allow the Agent single key "Away" state change the Allow Agent Away State to Yes (see example below)


(Note) remember to Save Changes, Save Changes to System and Reboot the phone

Changing the StarCenter Agent display

VVX 600 and 500 idle browser display:

The idle browser is shown next to the line appearance screen. Simply swipe left and right to switch between them.


Star2Star Polycom VVX 600 StarCenter Agent Display     


Star2Star Polycom VVX 500 StarCenter Agent Display     

VVX 4XX and 3XX idle browser display:

By default the idle browser will not be shown in these phones. However, the customer can set it up to show as the phone’s screensaver.

Here is how enable it:
- Press the “Home” button
- Navigate to “Settings”
- Select “Basic”, (option 1)
- Select “Preferences” (option 1)
- Select “Screen Saver...” (option 5)
- Set Screen Saver to “enabled”
- Under “Type”, select “Idle Browser”
- Set the “Wait Time (min)” to the desired number
- Finally, save the changes.

Here is how disable it:
- Press the “Home” button
- Navigate to “Settings”
- Select “Basic”, (option 1)
- Select “Preferences” (option 1)
- Select “Screen Saver...” (option 5)
- Set Screen Saver to “disabled”
- Finally, save the changes.


 Star2Star Polycom VVX 400 / 410 StarCenter Agent Display     


   Star2Star Polycom VVX 300 / 310 StarCenter Agent Display     


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