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How can I receive an SMS text message to my mobile phone when I receive Star2Star Voice mail?

Additional notification that a voicemail has been received can be achieved by setting the Email/Pager/Cell Phone option in the Individual Phone Settings of the Star2Star Web Portal. (Note) sending notification to a cell phone using text messaging (SMS), differs for each mobile provider. A common list of providers is provided below. However Star2Star cannot guarantee the functionality with a third party device. Contact your mobile provider to ensure that
your device supports this feature and to verify the correct format. Please be aware that this is not a free service unless it is included in your mobile plan.

Mobile Service Providers–Email to SMS Gateways (Cell Phone Text Message Alerts)

AT&T Use the format number@txt.att.net
T-Mobile USA Use the format number@tmomail.net
Verizon Wireless Use the format number@vtext.com
Sprint PCS Use the format number@messaging.sprintpcs.com
Sprint PCS - Short Mail Use the format number@sprintpcs.com
Alltel Use the format number@message.alltel.com
Bellsouth Use the format number@bellsouth.cl
US Cellular Use the format number@email.uscc.net
Virgin Mobile USA Use the format number@vmobl.com
Metro PCS Use the format number@mymetropcs.com
Metro PCS Use the format number@mymetropcs.sms.us

(Note) ensure you enter the correct format for your cell phone. Entering the number alone will not work


For full details review the Star2Star Phone and Features Guide


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