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How do I set or change the Primary Number (BTN) for a customer location?

As a Dealer, you can change the Primary Number designation on any customer location to the primary or Billing Telephone Number (BTN).  

Note: "System Administrator" access required

To make this change, navigate to the Star2Star web portal, under Configuration, View Edit, Basic Settings, Additional Location Information.  On the right side of this portal configuration screen is the option to correct or modify the  Primary DID (Direct Inward Dial).  
Save Changes to the screen and then Save Changes to System.
Note: The designated Primary DID is used as the "Outgoing CallerID" default for each line appearance in Extension configuration as well.  
Additionally, it is always a good idea to confirm, post installation, the correct customer telephone number is configured as the Primary DID.  Often the first number assigned to any location becomes the "default" Primary DID, and if this is a toll free number or the E911 number, the customer default may be incorrect.


Click image below to view the  Advanced System Configuration Guide for more details.

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