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What StarBox Models are available?

The StarBox CCM is a fully functional IP PBX delivered in a solid-state network appliance designed to run on the edge of the customer's network. Some of the advanced features include:

  • Network deployable operating system (remote upgrades, etc)‏
  • Monitoring and remote management
  • Flexible networking configuration
  • Integrated voice software
  • Low power consumption
  • Long life, high reliability
  • Edge traffic shaping
  • Dual WAN capable
  • Solid state device
  • Call Recording StarLite CR, 2250 CR, 5500 CR, (Soon to be available models CCM 100, CCM 1000, CCM 2500, CCM 6000)
                               StarBox CCM Family


StarLite.jpg StarBox_2200.jpg StarBox_2250.jpg   StarBox_5500.jpg

StarLite (20 Ext/10 connections)

               StarBox 2200 StarBox 2250 (250 Ext/50 connections) StarBox 5500 (500 Ext/100 connections)





Click image below to view the StarBox CCM Family Flyer detailing features of the above StarBox models.


Click image below to view the New StarBox CCM Family flyer detailing features of the newest StarBox models. Please Note: CCM 100 To be released shortly




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