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How can I record calls?

Star2Star offers several ways to record calls as a separately purchased feature:-

For full system wide outbound and inbound call recording (selected per user) we can provide call recording via the StarLite CR, StarBox 2250 CR or the StarBox 5500 CR. (Note) recording are accessible in the cloud via the Star2Star Application Framework. We also offer a "Cloud" based Archive feature.

For users of StarCenter inbound call recording can be provided as an optional extra. (Note) recordings are accessible in the cloud via a web screen.

Other "on the fly" recording options are available using the following phones: Polycom IP650 / 670 / VVX 500 / Cisco SPA525G2 or the Star2Star Softphone.

(Important Note) When recording any calls on your system you must conform with the relevant State laws by informing parties that they are being recorded.


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