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What is StarWatch?

StarWatch monitors the registration status of a Customer location every five minutes. If the location is unreachable for two consecutive polling cycles a
StarWatch Critical Alert - StarBox Registration Failure is distributed. Calls cannot be sent to or from this location via the Internet until this condition is resolved.
These automatic alerts are triggered whenever a customer goes offline for more then a few minutes (due to power/Internet outage, etc.) Star2Star sends out these outage notifications to the Reseller of record as well as any Customer contacts.
When the location becomes reachable again (power/Internet restored) a StarWatch Info Alert - StarBox Registration Restored is distributed. (see example below)

StarWatch Email Example





Resellers are on the StarWatch e-mail distribution list for all of their Customer locations.
Customer Primary and additional contacts can be specified via the Star2Star web portal CONFIGURATION/Basic Settings Additional Location Information link. These contacts will also receive StarWatch email alerts.

See example below:-



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