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We have a phone in a noisy environment and cannot hear the ringer. What can we do?

To create a loud phone ringer for use in noisy environments (Restaurants, Kitchens, Warehouse etc) use the Ameriphone SR200 Super Phone Ringer by Clarity® in conjunction with an ATA  i.e. a Cisco SPA232D or SPA112 as detailed in the Star2Star Sales Quote Calculator. The Ameriphone SR200 Super Phone Ringer has an integrated amplifier and provides a super loud telephone ringer at 95+ decibels. This device has an adjustable ring tone control (250-1200Hz) with a choice of four distinct ring patterns.

To set this up complete the following:-

  • Set up an analog extension (Loud Ringer) using the Cisco232D or Cisco SPA112 ATA. Connect the Ameriphone SR200 Super Phone Ringer to the ATA. (Note) previously the Linksys SPA 3102 ATA, now discontinued, would have been used.
  • Configure FM/FM all that includes the "Loud Ringer" analog extension for the relevant extension that you need to hear in the noisy environment. Both devices will ring at the same time giving the user the ability to have audible notification of an incoming call.
  • You can also set both devices in a Ring Group which will provide the same result.

See also Handset Amplifier

        Ameriphone_SR200_Ringer.jpg                SPA112_top.jpg               SPA112_rear.jpg
Ameriphone SR200 Super Phone Ringer        Cisco SPA232D or SPA112 ATA       Cisco SPA232D or SPA112 ATA (Rear View)  






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