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Can I send Faxes using a Star2Star system?

There are 2 available options for US Domestic faxing using the Star2Star solution:-

StarFax™ Classic or StarFax™ Personal


StarFax Classic™

Introducing StarFax™ Classic, an innovative way to send and receive faxes over the Star2Star Network. Customers can now connect a fax machine into a specially configured (ATA) Analog Telephone Adapter. This FXS device will connect over the Internet to a specialized faxing server in our datacenter. We can then route your fax calls over the Internet just like your phone calls. The Fax over IP protocol supports speeds of up to 9.6 kbps with ECM (Error Correction Mode) set to OFF. Using the StarFax™ Classic service, you can have an unlimited number of phone numbers pointing to a single fax machine. You can also dynamically change which ATA the phone numbers point to through the portal, in exactly the same way that you would for an extension. You can use this innovative feature at the office or remote location e.g. at home by either configuring as a local or remote device.

Support multiple fax machines by either selecting the appropriate Linksys SPA 3102, Cisco SPA8000, SPA8800, SPA232D or MP-20x device (1, 2 or 4 Port ATA) or by using multiple ATA's

Star2Star StarFax™ Classic provides the unique ability to deliver “Failover” functionality to a user defined email address or multiple addresses separated by commas. This email address or addresses is defined in the Star2Star Web Portal. With a StarFax™ Classic ATA in an “off-line”, non registered, non reachable state an incoming fax will be delivered to the designated email address or addresses as a PDF file (Portable Document Format). Please note the following:

• Only one call to DID/device will be allowed at one time. The StarFax™ Classic Server will "lock" a DID if there is an active call to/from that DID or a device associated with it. This lock returns a busy signal to prevent new incoming faxes while the proxy is taking place.

• If the ATA is offline and there is no Failover email address defined the fax server will return fast busy to the PSTN.

• If the ATA is offline and there is a Failover email address defined the fax server will send the received fax to the email address associated with the DID.

• The fax server will blindly accept outbound faxes (from an ATA) to any number and report success to the sending fax machine. If the fax delivery to that number fails from the proxy the email address associated with the caller id of the outbound fax will be emailed an error report. USERS ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO DEFINE AN EMAIL ADDRESS FOR EVERY DID.

For full details view / download the StarFax Classic Configuration Guide

StarFax™ Classic ATA connections (see below left example using an AudioCode MP201 ATA - see below right example using a Linksys SPA3102 ATA)

Screen_shot_2013-02-17_at_7.09.08_PM.png Screen_shot_2013-02-17_at_7.09.22_PM.png


StarFax™ Personal



StarFax™ Personal adds reliable, high-quality desktop faxing to any Star2Star system. Users can send and receive faxes to and from their desktop or laptop computers with no physical fax machine or other hardware.


StarFax™ Personal is an add-on feature (called a Starlet) that operates within the same Revolutionary Next Generation Application Framework as StarScope 2.


Each StarFax™ Personal user is assigned a unique, personal fax number for incoming faxes. When a fax is sent to that number, the fax is received by the Star2Star system and stored "in the cloud" at a Star2Star data center.


Incoming faxes are stored as PDF files and can be viewed within the StarFax™ starlet or using a PDF viewer. Incoming faxes pass through an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) program, so all received faxes are fully searchable. (Note) only the first 10 pages will be scanned and indexed for the purpose of OCR searches.


StarFax™ Personal users can send virtually any type of printable file (pdf, png, gif, jpg, tif, tiff, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, rtf, txt) directly from the StarFax™ Personal software. Laptop users can send and receive faxes anywhere there's an Internet connection.


Limitations on files that can be sent - Maximum file size is 20Mb. Maximum file name length is 50 characters.

New Features

  • New Settings for SMS and email notifications on newly delivered inbound faxes (email notification has the option of attaching the fax PDF)
  • New settings options for in-app notification on outbound fax delivery
  • New settings options for in-app notification on fax delivery error
  • Faxes that were not able to be delivered due to a busy destination number will have a "Line Busy" icon overlay rather than "No Answer"

(Note) StarFax Personal's page limitations are limited to the individual user. We do not pool the total number of pages per account. Each user is responsible for their page consumption and will have extra fees per page if they go over the 100 page limit.


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