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What are the differences between the Company Directory Destination in the portal, and the company directory on a phone?

The Company Directory destination is what incoming callers hear when dialing in to a customer. To navigate through the directory press keys for the first three letters of an user’s first or last name (this is configurable under Additional Location Information in the Star2Star web portal). Extensions can be hidden from this Company Directory by marking a checkbox in the “Extensions” page of the portal. If an extension has a recorded name from their voicemail box, then it will automatically play for the caller when a match has been made. This feature updates every 24 hours at midnight.

The company directory on each phone is a text-based feature that allows you to see and call the names and extensions of everyone in a company. Extensions cannot be hidden from others in this directory. Each phone that we offer has different limits on the number of entries, so please refer to the Star2Star Phone and Features Guide Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 11.42.15 AM.png  for your specific model. The phone must be rebooted in order to receive the newest directory if additions have been made.


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