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How do I change or configure a customer’s analog failover?

Under a customer’s main Configuration page, there is a link to “Analog Backup / Operator”. The settings on this page determine how the Star2Star system can direct calls to your customer’s business in the case of an Internet outage. By entering in numbers that are associated with copper lines, the Constellation Network can automatically route all incoming calls to that number so the impact to your business is minimized. Please keep in mind that the copper line needs to be connected to the Starbox through a Linksys SPA232D single FXO port ATA, or Cisco SPA8800 4 FXO port ATA or a Grandstream HT503 single FXO port ATA.The Advanced System Configuration Guide provides detailed information on failover options for inbound calls Download Icon.jpg

Analog Backup: Using an ATA this feature, if configured on your system, can provide access to 911 and limited outdialing via a traditional analog line in the event of an Internet failure. Users that have the rights "Allow 411 calls", checked in the Extension settings of the Star2Star Web Portal, can access 411 Directory Services via the analog gateway. Star2Star does not provide access to 411 other than using the analog telephone adapter.

IMPORTANT – This line must be dedicated to this purpose and must not be “shared” with other devices such as alarm systems, fax machines, credit card machines etc. put in parallel on the inbound POTs line. These devices can interfere with the ATA and can cause unpredictable operation. Since this is an emergency services availability concern, no configuration with devices in front of or in parallel (bridged) on the POTs circuit will be supported.



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