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What are the concurrent call, local extension, and Paging Group limits of the StarBox CCM models?

See the table below for StarBox CCM sizing guidelines. If you have additional questions, please contact Sales Engineering and we'll be glad to discuss your opportunity.

StarBox Family

StarBox CCMLinesPhonesMax Phones per Paging Group*
StarLite 10 20 None
StarBox 2250 50 250 15**
StarBox 5500  100 500 15**

*Note: All StarBox CCM installations support connectivity to overhead paging using the Snom PA1 IP paging unit or an ATA plugged in to an analog paging system that is compatible with a station port.

** Please note the **Paging article below for Paging Group sizing considerations.


On a StarBox 2250, the absolute maximum number of members you may have in a Page Group is 15, as the Portal will not allow any more. However, we can not guarantee that 15 members will work properly for all customers or locations. Only after evaluating the actual usage of the StarBox, on a location by location basis, can we fully determine the specific StarBox's safe limit. Paging is one of the most resource intensive applications running on the StarBox, and when used in conjunction with other applications such as Ring Groups, Buddy Watch or general high call volume activity, the maximum number of supportable members may decrease. In many cases, we've found that locations are limited to 7-10 members per group. Please note that the total number of groups is unlimited and not affected by this. Star2Star recommends starting out with the highest number required, up to 15, and then evaluating to see if there are any problems. If there are, the number of members will need to be lowered until the location specific safe limit is reached. Please be aware that the StarLite does not support Paging Groups. If large page groups are a requirement of the customer, we recommend either upgrading to the StarBox 5500, or discussing the situation ahead of time with our Pre-Sales Engineering or Technical Support teams.

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