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How do I log into a StarCenter Queue?

There are multiple ways to login to a StarCenter Queue. Full details can be found in the StarCenter Configuration Guide starcenter_config_guide_cover_small.png

  1. Using the Internal Direct Dial [IDD] number found in the Star2Star Web Portal for your location
  2. Using a soft key on a Polycom phone
  3. Using the Star2Star Web Portal

Using option 1 access the Star2Star web portal  clickhere.png Click the CONFIGURATION section at the top of the page which will show a PHONE SYSTEM CONFIGURATION section see example below / left. Under Advanced Settings click the Destinations link. In Destinations  scroll down until you see Applications. The following items will be listed: StarCenter Admin StarCenter Login and StarCenter Login (Individual). See example below / right. To login using the StarCenter Login option dial the 3 digit number [IDD] next to the option. In the example below this is shown as [874] however systems will vary. The system will prompt for Agent ID followed by Password. A successful login will log the agent into all queues they are a member of. To log an Agent into a specific queue or selection but not all use the StarCenter Login (Individual) option and its associated [IDD]. As before you will be prompted for Agent credentials followed by a prompt for the queue number. The Queue number can be found in the Queues list in Destinations.

What_is_StarCenter_1.png What_is_StarCenter_2_.png

Using option 2 which uses a soft key on a Polycom phone. Agent options are set in the Extensions settings in the Star2Star Web Portal. What_is_StarCenter_3.png

Press the appropriate soft key on the Polycom phone to login automatically. See full details in the StarCenter Configuration Guide Download Icon.jpg


Using option 3 provides a login at any browser. Access the Star2Star Web Portal as described above. Navigate to the INDIVIDUAL PHONE SETTINGS page. Click the Agent Login option What_is_StarCenter_4.png Enter Agent details to login. You may sit in any Portal/Individual Phone Settings/Agent Login screen and continually log agents in without the need to go to that specific users screen.

See full details in the StarCenter Configuration Guide Download Icon.jpg


(Note) use the Queue Monitor or Multi-Q Monitor to verify login/out state




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