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StarSystem Dial Plan

Available Now (please contact our Sales Engineering team for details)

The new standard StarSystem Dial Plan is available for new Star2Star installations see (Note) below.  The updated plan includes “Flexible” and “Uniform" Dial Plan options.  The options are extremely versatile, offering variable digit lengths for extensions and location prefixes, customizable  feature codes and uniform dialing (unique extension numbering) across multiple customer locations without the need to use a Location Prefix. The StarSystem Dial Plan is by its very nature “Flexible” and offers “Uniform” dialing across locations.

The Uniform Dialing Plan feature, available for 2, 3, 4 or 5-digit extension numbering plans, provides the ability to build a unique numbering system across all customer locations or Enterprise.  The primary advantage is that users can dial other users at any location without the need to remember and use a Location Prefix (sometimes referred to as a node ID in old PBX-speak) to reach the desired users’ locations. Once this feature is invoked from the initial system build, the Location Prefix Field is no longer visible in the Additional Location Information setting in the Star2Star web portal. 

Unique numbering also applies to a Destinations Internal Direct Dial number often referred to as an IDD or Pilot extension number.  This facilitates dialing across locations to a specific Destination, e.g., an Auto Attendant, Ring Group or Queue.  The Portal maintains the uniqueness in the dial plan, protecting an administrator from duplication and prompting if a number manually selected is already in use.  In this use case the next available number is displayed.

(Note) To enroll for new system implementations please contact our Sales Engineering Team and complete this StarSystem Dial Plan Setup Form

StarBox CCM release 2.0 or greater required


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