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StarCenter SMART feature

SMART = StarCenter Monitoring Alerting & Reporting Tool

Overview/Feature Description

Busy Call Center Managers do not always have time to stayed glued to wallboards / queue and agent monitor screens or indeed could be at lunch, on break, in a team meeting or traveling. So who monitors the Call Center for performance / conformance? SMART (StarCenter Monitoring Alerting & Reporting Tool) is the answer. By utilizing this tool it allows them to monitor system conformance to a series of pre-defined parameters without the need to constantly watch monitors. Call Center managers know instinctively on a daily basis how their system and agents should perform. So if they are performing to their expectations why sit looking at a monitor waiting for something to happen? I am sure they have better things to do!!

Here's how it works:

For specific metrics e.g. Agent Talk Time, Agent Away Time, Agents Available, Calls In Progress, Calls in Queue, Logged in Agents, Longest Queued Time etc, we provide the customer with the ability to set parameters for each of those data elements i.e. how their system should perform. The system does the rest and monitors conformance to those parameters. If an "Exception" occurs then an alarm is triggered and a notification email / SMS is sent to selected individuals.

Alert data elements available:

Specific Agent Data:

  • Agent talk time
  • Agent away time

Live queue data:

  • Agent available
  • Calls in progress
  • Calls in queue
  • Logged in agents
  • Longest queued time

Creating Alerts in StarCenter Manager:

  1. Select alert type
  2. Select a single queue or series to report on
  3. Choose threshold for alert
  4. Enter in email addresses or SMS / MMS address (alerts to a mobile device)
  5. How often alerts should be sent during exception
  6. Resend alerts during exception
  7. Send notice once an exception is cleared
  8. Label alert for future reference
(Note) For full details on the SMART feature review the StarCenter Configuration Guide (page 50)
                SMS/MMS SMART alert example                            Email SMART alert examples        

Calls In Progress:

  The Calls In Progress threshold of [My CIP Alert 1] is > 1 call(s).

  Queue 1 [222225] is currently at 2 call(s).

Agent Away Time:

  The Agent Away Time threshold of [My AAW Alert 1] is > 100 second(s).

  Rob P. [1001] is currently at 105 second(s).

Logged In Agents:

  The Logged In Agents threshold of [My LIA Alert 1] is < 1 agent(s).

  Queue Test [404040] is currently at 0 agent(s).


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