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StarFax™ Personal FAQ's

StarFax™ Personal FAQ's

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Q: If a fax comes in to a StarFax™ Personal line and that line is already receiving an inbound fax and it is queued, how long will that fax stay queued in the cloud before it times out. If it does time out, where would it failover to?

A: Since StarFax™ Personal is a desktop application and there is no physical line or fax machine, there is no issue with being busy. The service can receive multiple faxes at the same time. Keep in mind, with StarFax™ Personal there is a cost per page with only 100 pages included for free after that it is $0.05 per page. All faxes will be delivered directly to the Star2Star Framework and there is an option for the user to configure it to send to an email address as well.

Q: Faxes that are queued, how are they secured? Do we use some method of encryption, similar to data encryption?

A: The faxes are secure on our servers but they are not encrypted at this time. 



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