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How do I configure my StarCenter system to use Reason Codes

(Note) Feature available on StarCenter 1.5

Access the Star2Star Web Portal and navigate to the PHONE SYSTEM CONFIGURATION / Advanced Settings section. (Administrator log in only)

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 2.57.18 PM.png

Click the StarCenter Manager Link


  • Click the Options tab to expose the Reason Code setup screen
  • Next to "Use Reason Codes" select ‘Yes’
  • Select the desired Reason code length 2,3,4
  • Create the desired Reason code. e.g 1234, Out to lunch
  • Select the Type "Not Ready" or "After Call" from the dropdown. Using two types of code allows a StarCenter Manager to determine / separate codes used when an Agent wishes to extend their wrapup time i.e. "After Call" or when they are going on a break and are "Not Ready"
  • Click on the green check mark
  • You can set your agent away on your phone via the away soft key. After you press the away soft key your phone will prompt you to enter the reason code
  • Once created Reason Codes cannot be edited - they can only be deleted and re-added if necessary.
  • Changing the Reason Code length will delete all currently configured reason codes and require the administrator to start over


You can also set an agent to Away via the Portal

  • Navigate to Individual Phone Setting -> Away State -> Enter your agent credentials -> Enter your reason code.




  • Multi-Queue Monitor Displays Agents Reason Code / Away State



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