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E911 Zone Configuration

What is E911 Zone Configuration? 

E911 Zone Configuration is a new feature in the Star2Star portal that allows both automatic provisioning for E911 service and enables Channel Partners to configure sublocations or "zones." 
The E911 Zone Configuration allows Star2Star to better serve customer locations that have sublocations. For example, if we serve a location like a school or a nursing home, we want to be able to provide each classroom, floor, etc. with a unique E911 DID.

This means that if a person calls 911 from a school, the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) dispatcher will not just receive the location of the school, but more specific information about the specific building and classroom location. This added level of precision represents a significant improvement in our E911 service.

Beginning Friday, August 16, all newly added locations to the Star2Star portal will feature E911 Zone Configuration. If you would like to enable E911 Zone Configuration for an existing location in the Star2Star portal, please log in to Star2Star Support and submit a ticket to our Account Services team. By default, Zone 1 will always use your location's primary number. You will need to purchase a permanent DID for each zone you want to add or you can use an existing one (not a locations primary) if available. Toll Free numbers will no longer be selectable as a location's primary number. An additional E911 charge for extra zones may apply. This added level of security guarantees no down time for any of your E911 zones. Contact Account Services at AccountServices@star2star.com or (941) 234-0001, option 7 for more information on adding permanent DIDs to your location. 

Zone Configuration-Removing Temp DID/Adding Perm DID

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How do I request a new number?

First, navigate to the Star2Star portal. Choose "Configuration" from the main menu, then the location for which you want to configure new zones.

Select the New Number option under Basic Settings. Follow the on screen prompts.


How do I configure zones?

First, navigate to the Star2Star portal. Choose "Configuration" from the main menu, then the location for which you want to configure new zones.

Select "E911 Zone Configuration" under Advanced Settings.


Zone 1 by default includes all extensions that have been configured for your location. To add more zones, you will need to purchase or port permanent DIDs for each zone your customer requires. 


Click "Add New Zone" to begin the zone configuration process.


Complete each field in the Add New Zone form. Be sure to include the name of your zone in the Address (line 2) field. Choose the extensions you would like to designate to the new zone, then click "save."


The system will verify your address entry and return you to the E911 Zone Configuration page. Repeat the process to add any remaining zones. Each zone will need a permanent, non toll-free DID, an address, and at least one of your location's extensions.

If you encounter any problems adding new zones, please contact Account Services by submitting a ticket at Star2Star Support. 





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