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What is "Operator Mode" on StarScope 2

Operator Mode can be set in the Star2Star Application Framework by your Channel Partner. It allows the following additional functionality:

See also Call Transfer and Call Steal using StarScope 2 (Video)

1. The ability to change a users on-screen status e.g. from Available to Unavailable along with any additional note.



Click the user status icon on screen Call_Steal_User_icon.png


The "Availability" window will appear


Change the user availability and associated note as appropriate e.g.         

2. Call Steal

Once Operator mode is set, this allows the user to "steal" calls from another user. This feature is ideal for an Operator handling calls on behalf of many users.

It is a 2-step process as outlined below:

Step 1

Click into a ringing user extension icon Call_Steal_Ringing_Icon.png



Step 2

Drag that (call) to an extension line appearance of your choice. The display will show a label that says "Steal: Caller Name / ID". Drop / release mouse button.

The example below is showing a call "stolen" from extension 522 and being dropped to the first line appearance of extension 112.





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