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How can I view all my extensions easily in StarScope 2?

Users often have multiple extensions on a StarSystem. Those extension could be on a single location or across multiple locations under one Customer. To easily view all your extensions create a group in StarScope 2 called "My Extensions" (or any name you choose) and add all other extensions from any location to that group. Keep it at the top of your StarScope 2 display by clicking Screen_shot_2013-03-01_at_11.17.56_AM.png  settings/Starlets/StarScope 2 to reorder the display. When someone calls one of your other extension the display will change to indicate ringing. Use the "Operator Mode" feature to "Call Steal" / drag the call to the extension you are using to answer it.


For more details on how to set this feature click Screen_shot_2013-03-01_at_11.22.36_AM.png top right of your StarScope 2 display. Click here to view the StarScope 2 Call Control Guide


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