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Star2Star Application Framework 2.0

Application Framework 2.0

Click the icons below for more information and video tutorial on each starlet.

ACTIVITY_ICON.png Activity (Users can see all contact activity: calls, chat, voicemail, call recordings, fax and video) 
DOWNLOADS_ICON.png Downloads (Enables bulk downloading of recorded calls)
SETTINGS_ICON.png Settings (Provides options to change the user experience for starlets in the application)
STARCHAT_ICON.png StarChat (Multi-party chat application)
STARCONTACT_ICON.png StarContact (Integrates your company's customer database with your Star2Star communications system)
STARFAX_ICON.png StarFax Personal  (Desktop application for fax users)
STARSCOPE_2_ICON.png StarScope 2 (Presence management application with call control)
STARVIDEO_ICON.png StarVideo (Multi-party video conferencing application)
FEEDBACK_ICON.png Feedback (Enables users to send comments, ideas or report problems directly to Star2Star)


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