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If an extension user is on a call and receives another, can I "Steal" that 2nd call and answer it using StarScope 2

Yes. If your StarScope 2 has been configured with the "Operator" functionality (ask your Reseller for help if not), use the following sequence / example:-

  • Identify the user. In the example screen shot below extension 308 is already on a call with the "Brighton Conference Room" 


  •  The same user receives a second call that you wish to "Steal" and answer on their behalf. Note: in the example screen shot below the call count shows 2/2 + caller details (a second call has been directed to the extension)


  • To ""Steal" and answer the call on behalf of this extension click into the call count area i.e. 2/2 or the caller name area and drag to the extension line position of your choice to drop and answer the call. Note the display change as that action takes place





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