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What is StarScope 2?

StarScope 2 from Star2Star Communications is a next-generation unified communications tool that allows users to monitor and control all of their communications including presence, voice, chat, email, and voicemail - from a single, intuitive interface. This application (Starlet) runs on the Star2Star Application Framework.

It operates across multiple locations, even across the country and combines several key functions in one package, including:

  • Presence monitoring and management
  • Integrated company-wide directory
  • Group / Location views
  • Call control manager with drag-and-drop call transfer / park / retrieve
  • IM Chat client
  • Voicemail access
  • Call recording and playback (via Activities Starlet)
  • Incoming call pop-up
  • Conference room monitor

StarScope 2 includes the Star2Star Activities Starlet, which provides a unified view of your messages, including voicemail, faxes, and recorded calls. The Activities Starlet saves a record of every incoming, outgoing, and missed call.

StarScope 2 Starlet Operator Mode Functions:

  • Change Availability
  • Call Steal
  • Receptionist mode (expanded extension display on start-up)

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Color codes for Extensions and Users

Weeble_Green.png User "Available" (Logged into the framework)

Weeble_Red.png User “Unavailable” (Logged into the framework)

Weeble_Gray.png User "Not Logged In" (Logged out of the framework)

Idle_2.png Extension "Idle"

Ringing_2.png Extension "Ringing"

Busy_2.png Extension "Busy"

Dialing.png Extension "Dialing"


StarScope 2 Expanded Display

 StarScope 2 Compact Display


Incoming Call Pop with Voicemail option shown. Click send_to_voicemail.png to send the call directly to voicemail



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