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How do I playback call recordings?

Using the Star2Star Application Framework Activity Starlet users can playback / download or delete recordings on screen. Multiple recordings can also be selected for download. See examples below.

 Activity Starlet screen showing recorded calls indicated by the Screen_shot_2013-03-05_at_6.23.36_PM.png icon.


Click the Screen_shot_2013-03-05_at_6.23.36_PM.png icon to playback the call.  (same for voicemail messages Screen_shot_2013-03-05_at_6.29.08_PM.png)


For multiple downloads click Screen_shot_2013-03-05_at_6.39.23_PM.png then click each call entry required for download. When done click Screen_shot_2013-03-05_at_6.42.10_PM.png. (same for voicemail messages Screen_shot_2013-03-05_at_6.29.08_PM.png)



(Note) There is currently an issue in Framework version 1.5 when downloading recordings on a Mac. When downloading a recording, you should see a file extension of .wav at the end of the file name. However this is not always the case. If you do not see this please use the following workaround.

1. Manually add this extension or
2. Make a change in Finder Preferences to turn on 'Show all filename extensions'

This issue will be resolved in Framework 2.0

For details on playback of inbound calls using StarCenter click here


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