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How does the call recording "Archive" feature work on my StarBox CR?

  • Calls are recorded locally on the StarBox, however, if the archive service is used, recordings are also stored and retrieved from our "Cloud Storage" as needed.
  • Once implemented the archive service starts immediately. Within minutes of a call completing and the recording becoming available it will be "Archived" in the cloud. (Note) this process is a low level background task that can be impacted by a very busy system. In which case the recording is "queued" to be archived when bandwidth is available for the process.
  • Recorded calls are played back / downloaded / deleted via the Application Framework "Activity" Starlet.
  • When the disc on the StarBox is full, it will rotate and erase from oldest to newest calls. Once overwritten, the recorded calls are no longer available.
  • If you have the Call Recording Archive service, calls are stored in both the StarBox and Archive (Cloud). Archive provides unlimited storage backup and never rolls over.
  • Should the StarBox fail and a new box is provided, a same day reload of recorded calls can be done when you have Archive Service installed.
  • If the Archive Service is not installed and the StarBox fails, retrieval of call recordings may take between 1 and 2 weeks.
  • If the storage device on the StarBox fails and the Archive Service is not installed, you will be unable to retrieve recorded calls.

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