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I received a PDF error when running the SPC checker explanation. What do I do?

The PDF error you received is because the version of Adobe Acrobat reader on the user's computer is either out of date or non-existent. The only part of the StarScope 2 that uses PDF's is StarFax Personal. If the customer is not going to be using StarFax Personal you may disregard the error. Otherwise it is recommended to upgrade to or download the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat reader on the user's computer. Note:It is possible that the customer may have another PDF reader on their computer that may work just fine that our checker may not recognize. Attempt to use StarFax Personal before downloading or upgrading Adobe Acrobat as what you already have may work ok.

Some Starlets may require an installed PDF viewer for complete functionality. One popular PDF reader is Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download:  Image:Adobe Reader.gif  

System Performance Check (SPC) Description

System Performance Check Guide


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