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Unable to login to the Framework. Stuck on the 'Logging in...' screen. What do I do?

If a user is stuck on the 'Logging in...' screen from the framework, this normally points to an issue with communication between the user's computer and the Orion Servers. Currently the main Orion customer server is located at http://orionami2-atl.star2star.com

The port number to be used for communication is 5280. Customers will need to allow outbound communication on this port as well as HTTP (port 80) and HTTPS (port 443).

If you want to have the user check to see if communication works between their computer and our servers, have them open this link in a web browser: http://orionami2-atl.star2star.com:5280/xmpp-httpbind

If they cannot reach that page, they will not be able to fully log in.

Note: Star2Star highly recommends having the customer firewall open for outbound communication on port 5280 vs. whitelisting the orionami2-atl.star2star.com server. As we expand the our network we will be adding additional servers that may have different hostnames. Regardless of hostname, the primary communication port will continue to be 5280 going forward. Having this port open will ensure that if we migrate a particular customer to a new host they will still be able to communicate with the user server.


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