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Getting to Know the StarVideo™ Starlet

Getting to Know the StarVideo™ Starlet

Click the image below to open the "Getting to Know the StarVideo™ Starlet" help files. Note: This guide is also available within the StarScope 2 application.



What is StarVideo™?

StarVideo™ from Star2Star Communications is a multi-party video conferencing application for up to 12 video participants, that allows users to collaborate via video, text chat and document sharing, using a single, intuitive interface. This application (Starlet) runs on the Star2Star Application Framework. (Note) StarVideo™ External Invite Feature enables users not on the application framework to communication using StarVideo™ via a supported web browser.

It operates across multiple locations, even across the country and combines several key functions in one package, including:

  • Conferencing for up to 12 parties
  • Works with any webcam
  • Voice over Star2Star’s Constellation Network
  • Delivered as a Star2Star Application Framework Starlet
  • Includes multiparty text chat & collaboration tools
  • Voice dial-in for audio-only participants
  • Document Sharing
  • Chat to individual users or all participants
  • Connect to other Star2Star users not on your system / Customer
  • Connect to non Star2Star users via a supported web browser



Easy intuitive setup

StarVideo_1.png                           Starvideo_Invite_to_Chat_box.png

           1. Select your contact(s) or accept a screen pop invitation from another user


Starvideo_Join_Audio.png                  Starvideo_Start_Sharing.png

                    2. Join the audio portion of the conference

                    3. Make any camera setting changes if required and Start Sharing your video



To schedule a StarVideo™ invite, open the StarVideo™ Starlet in the application framework and click the New Video Meeting button.



Enter the information, invite participants and click Submit.

See also StarVideo External Invite.











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