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Star2Star Advanced Scheduler Video Tutorial

This video contains details on Advanced Scheduling.

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The Incoming Call Routing / Scheduler feature provides complete flexibility for Customers wishing to create complex routing rules for a 7 day week. Each number/DID on the system can have its own Incoming Call Routing schedule. Schedules can be as basic as adding a lunch break step for each business day or as detailed as providing multiple steps that differ for every day of the week including the weekend. Each schedule can be given a name that clearly describes its function. By default the schedules are named using the associated number / DID e.g. (941) 234-0001 Schedule. This can easily be changed to reflect a more meaningful name.

(Note) when this feature is implemented for the first time, schedules are created for all DIDs / Numbers using the naming convention mentioned above. Previously created Incoming Call Routing rules will continue to function normally. If you turn this option on and create advanced schedules, those schedules will not be available if you subsequently turn the feature off. Scheduling would return to the original pre-advanced scheduling state.

Routing schedules can only be created using existing Destinations that have been previously created and are fully functional i.e. Saved to System.

The full screen view for a schedule displays in 15 minute time segments however Start Time and End Time for each action within a schedule is available in 5 minute time increments.

Saving changes to a schedule followed by the subsequent "Save Changes to System" is a now rapid process.

To enable the feature click the Star2Star Web Portal Additional Location Information option for the relevant location. Select the Enable Advanced Scheduling? option. Set to Yes.

Additional Location Information.jpg Star2Star_ICR_Scheduler.jpg
Enabling Advanced Scheduling-Additional Location Information                           ICR Scheduler (example)


                                                                                                      Advanced Scheduling Screen (example)  


                                                                                                            Advanced Scheduling Screen (example alternative setup)


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