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Star2Star StarDialer Video Tutorial

StarDialer for Outlook integrates your Star2Star Phone System with Microsoft Outlook® on any PC running Windows® XP, Vista or Windows® 7. Functionality is provided for local extension users to dial telephone numbers using contacts that already exist in their MS Outlook® contact directory. This is a license free application from Star2Star and can be loaded as many times as required.

Once StarDialer has been installed, your computer must be restarted in order to dial.

(Note) StarDialer will not work with remote extensions.

StarDialer has been successfully tested against the following versions of Windows®:

  • 32-bit Windows® XP
  • 32-bit Windows® 7
  • 64-bit Windows® Vista
  • 64-bit Windows® 7

If User Account Control (UAC) is disabled on a Vista machine, StarDialer will not install. UAC is enabled by default, and most people have no reason to disable it. However to circumvent the issue enable UAC then install. You can then disable UAC again.

When you install the StarDialer and configure for the first time, often it returns 
'the tapi dialer is in use by another application' when you try to use it.  
Go to the 'line properties' dialog, change from 'dial by context' to 'dial out by 
using the 'dial' application' and click apply, change it back and 
click apply, and exit the dialog.  This will complete the initialization.

StarDialer version 1.4.2 .zip files for download

StarDialer 32-Bit Download File

StarDialer 64-Bit Download File

The first time you make a call from an application, you must select the Asterisk Line in the applications “Dialing Options”. This needs to be done once.

From Outlook:

  • Right-click on a Contact you wish to dial
  • Click “Call Contact”
  • Click “Dialing Options” from the New Call Dialog
  • Select Asterisk in the “Connect Using Line” drop-down
  • Click OK to close Dialing Options Dialog
  • Click “Start Call” to dial

To modify the StarDialer configuration:

  • In Control Panel, click “Phone and Modem Options”
  • Select “Advanced” tab
  • Select “Star2Star TAPI Driver for Asterisk and click “Configure”

Default configuration:

  • Host: (Or the IP address given to you by your IT Department/Manager)
  • Port: 5038
  • User: admin
  • Password: 1234
  • User Channel: SIP/n This is available in the Star2Star portal under Individual Phone Settings, labeled as "StarDialer User Channel". Enter exactly as displayed - for example, SIP/ext_1234.

This video contains details on StarDialer configuration.



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